Sunday, April 22, 2012

Makes Normandy Look Like A Playground....

So once again I am watching Episode IV, and once again I am overcome by a particularly potent strain of the creative virus. Once again I am compelled to combine my Battletech universe with the Star Wars universe. I retire to my studio for a vigorous session of hack, glue, & paint. About a week later, here are the fruits of my labor....

HA! A Death Star turbolaser tower.

I made a pair of these bad boys out of blue board, thin cardboard, and some custom sculpted parts. I added a pair of little gemstones to the gun barrels to give them a bit of a glowing effect.

The turrets are fully traversable for the greatest field of fire. This was accomplished by using thick, metal washers. You can see the crew access on this side of the tower.

The armor panels are drawn and cut from thin cardboard.

The rear of the turret shows off the massive exhaust ports.

The gun assemblies are sculpted from Super Sculpey and plastic tubing. Sadly, I did not engineer them to elevate up and down.

The last thing an enemy dropship will see!

Here is an anti-personnel turret from an old Battle Of Hoth diorama kit I got many years ago. The old barrel broke off so I upgraded it!

I also added a targeting sensor.

Not Star Wars, but a pretty good use of spare parts just the same. I really have no clue what the original parts came from.

Again, using tiny gem stones for a glowing laser effect. By the way, they are plastic gems, not real ones. I'm not that crazy!!!