Thursday, February 6, 2014

The New Year Wouldn't Be The Same Without Some AIRPOWER!!!

The first post of the new year goes to the ground pounders, but I might as well follow up with some more airpower. I do not get tired of things that fly and blow shit up!

I found these by a lucky accident when I was surfing E-Bay. Real 1/144 scale E-Wings! I have no idea who produced them, hell, I didn't even know they existed! Now, here on E-Bay was an auction for two!

Here are the two, freshly repainted and ever-so-slightly modified. I removed the silly laser cannon that overhung the cockpit.

Quite some time ago, I sculpted my own E-Wing from scratch. Here is an idea of just how close I got with my version. Pretty darn close, if I say so myself.

Here is a shot of my other modification: a pair of gun pods under the fuselage made out of brass and plastic tubing.

My own special technique for afterburn... florescent paint!

The requirement of any E-Wing ace....nose art and kill marks!

This is another F-Toys Y Wing. I decided to keep her close to the movie colors with maybe a few little embellishments.

Nose art is always a plus!

Now here's the big surprise. I installed a pair of MW:DA launchers under the engine spars.

A flight of X-Wings screaming past a turbolaser tower!

I wanted to keep my two new additions close to movie colors, so what I did was used a black wood stain on the model rather than repaint the whole thing. The stain is a bit tricky to work with and I wiped off a lot of excess with a sponge and my finger.

I enhanced the battle damage on this X-Wing with a bit of paint. I also painted over the clear cockpit in favor of my more colorful version.

Red five. I had to paint a little red eye on R2-D2. I also enhanced the color of the engines with some regular painting.

What would a picture of an X-Wing be without a classic dogfight shot.

Here is a 1/144 scale Narn fighter from Babylon 5. This little beauty was made by Fantastic Plastic. They are OOP now.

I did the camo pattern by using a piece of foam rubber that I carved into a kind of rubber stamp. I merely stamped the pattern onto the mini.

I thought this craft looked like it should have VTOL engines, so I added some! I decided it needed an extra cannon on the belly, too.

Yet another Valkyrie, and, yes, modified.

A better shot of the modifications. A pair of MW:DA missile launchers, a pair of Lego guns, and the main cannon that came with the model.

I added the little radar dome.

Both Valks flying formation with an X-Wing.

Here's a bit of fun....Converting a MIG-25 into something a bit more sci-fi.

Lots of guns added: the wing tips and the fuselage are now hard points. I liked the missiles that came with her, so I kept them. No unfriendly dropships in my skies!

Here you can see the MPG rating going down the toilet.

Same scale.

Here is another Babylon 5 ship: the Pirate Fighter. Once again made by Fantastic Plastic and also OOP.

I did a bit of modifying. There is now a trio of cannons on both wings.

I also added the radar dome and a pair of fuel hatches near the rear of the fighter.

How about more firepower? You bet! I added a pair of Paulson Games laser cannons and then sculpted my own rocket launchers.

Anybody guess the reference by the nose art? I'll give you a hint: Hot 80's rock goddess.

Little friends!

I painted these a while ago, but ended up hating the paint jobs. I finally got around to fixing them. Here are my two newly refinished Jedi ETA-2 interceptors

I have three of the F-Toys B-Wings. It couldn't hurt to modify one just a tiny bit, right? How about a heavy B-Wing?

I added some cannons to the center where the wings connect. I can't explain why I like the B-Wing positioned in such an asymmetrical flight pose, but I do.

If I'm going to add more firepower, I better beef up the engines. I used some Lego bits and Kotobukiya parts to give her some extra horsepower...or should I say bantha power?

I added what could be classified as light turbolasers by using a dual laser cannon part from Paulson Games.

I finally got my hands on a couple of the F-Toys TIE Interceptors.

Yes, I know the twin ion engines are supposed to be just pinpoints to either side of where I painted the engine, but I like mine better.

Now, how's that for an update? It shouldn't be too much longer before I finish my second batch of projects and unleash them here on my blog. Until then, I wish you all a happy new year and thanks a whole lot for following my blog!