Saturday, July 7, 2012

Finally....Some New Mechs To Look At!!!!

I hope nobody missed me too much. I have been so busy with my real job that i haven't had much time to do what i enjoy doing. In fact, I almost had a melt-down because of the unreasonable amount of overtime my job is forcing us to work (actually, the melt-down is still at condition yellow). At the first of the year, I had put in for a few days of vacation over the 4th of July weekend and totally forgot about it! Ahhhh, what a sweet, welcome relief to have 5 days of relative calm. Anyhow, what you've all been wondering is what the hell have I been up to? Allow me to end the hiatus...for the time being.

My lovely assistant keeps the work chair warm.

A fast attack party looking for enemy supply lines to disrupt.

This is a custom N-scale bushwacker sculpted by my friend Orkoone set on a custom base by my friend RacerX, both of whom i met on the Lords Of The Battlefield forum.

 The torso is fully mobile.

I added a small vent to the back of the left arm launcher.

I also added the targeting array to the right torso, extended the gun barrels on the right arm weapons using metal tubing, and added a small power cable to the small gun using a piece of guitar string.

This is a modified MW Raptor alongside a modified Kite hover tank. One of their few original mechs I actually liked. You can see the added heat sink behind the laser on the right torso as well as the minigun tucked under the hull.

Here is the other mod- a laser cannon with a targeting computer.

Added a guitar string power cable to the back of the laser cannon.

A familiar theme here for all of us X-box fans. N-scale Halo vehicles! The Pelican dropship and the Warthog are hand-sculpted by me.

The Scorpion battle tanks are modified MW pieces. I do not remember what they were, I just knew they suited my purpose perfectly with very little work. I hand sculpted the turrets and the driver compartment.

a nice shot of the whole battle group.

Here is a slightly modified Robotech toy, known in Battletech as the Longbow.

I sculpted the missile ports and the pod covers.

To keep things a bit more family friendly, I painted a bra on the mech honey. You can also see where I added some armor plating to the top of the missile pods.

I also sculpted a cockpit, a bit more of a nose, and a pair of chin-mounted cannons.

Finally, I added a couple of vent covers to the round ports in the rear.

A custom sculpted Dragon by Orkoone.

To add a bit more movement to my mini, I altered the hip joints. I also added a thick washer to the torso to give her a bit more height in proportion to the long legs.

I also added a couple of thin washers to the shoulders so the arms would not hit the legs when the torso turned. It also gives her a slightly wider, meaner stance.

I sculpted the base myself. She is flanked by a pair of modified MW Kites and a Micromachine tank that I can only describe as a minigun nightmare!

I wanted to do something interesting with one of my MW Thors. I was inspired by the X-box game Mech Assault. Before you could fire your PPCs, they had to charge up. I have tried to capture that moment with this Thor.

The PPC ball is a wad of sponge with copper wiring stuck in it.

Anbody that played or still plays MW:DA might recognize what I used for the jump jets- the heat dials i pulled off of the base! I also altered the left arm cannon by making a new barrel and sculpting an ammo drum for it.

Another modified Thor with a few of his lance mates.

First, I sculpted a new lower left arm assembly and gave him a hand. The laser cannon pod on the left shoulder is from a Macross pod walker. The right arm cannon is from an old Votoms trooper model.

The camo netting is the backing off a 3M Hook-It sanding disc. I dyed it green and brown using ink and then carefully glued it into place on the mech.

How's that for an update? This should keep you guys busy for a while. What is in the pipeline? I've got a couple of old Ral Partha museum scale Madcats that I am painting for a friend. Hopefully I can get these girls finished before the weekend is over....Until then, I apologize for being gone so long. It is good to be back!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous painting, converting and sculpting. A real inspiration. Do a lot of gamers use round 30mm bases for their Mechs these days? I have to admit, it's the first time I've seen it.

  2. I am one of the very few who isn't bound to the hex base, and I really don't like square bases at all, so I guess round is where it's at. Call me a rebel or maybe a trend setter? Round bases seem to fit amongst terrain features a lot easier, too. Besides, I have a 2" die to cut out perfect circles when i make my own bases- the bases of the PPC Thor and the Dragon are made from Super Sculpey. I am glad you like the work!

  3. Welcome back. Glad to see your assistant hasn't eaten all your brushes

  4. Hehehe. Looks sweet and awesome as always, Spiff. Now I wonder where you got the idea with the Longbow missile doors from? They strongly remind me of my Davion Mech using those hazard stripes on same model :-P Me likes! Keep it up.


  5. It is entirely possible, Chris. The Longbow sat in my collection with no doors for a while. now that I have discovered Super Sculpey can solve any problem I find with a mini design, I have been fixing a lot of old mechs.

  6. Just astounding. Love the swamp thing feel from the second thor.

    On a different note, and apologies if this is the wrong method but - are you available for commissions?

  7. You've got a lot of neat designs that only show in the background. Could you photograph each design in your collection individually in like a catalogue or something? That would be a dream come true for us. You're ideas are terrific.

  8. I thought I replied to this, but I see nothing. hmmmm.....

    Holm, I can no longer take commissions because A: my job has been too unpredictable with overtime lately. B: I have waaaay too many projects sitting unfinished on my desk right now.

    Anonymous....Got two full Photobucket accounts (2000+ pictures) that should keep you busy. Try these:
    This is the old album-

    This is the newest stuff-

  9. You are a gentleman and a scholar.