Saturday, January 5, 2013

Ground Pounders Need Love, Too.

WHEW! After all that air power, I better give the ground forces a bit of face time. First up is a custom sculpted alien hover/grav tank. I guess you could say my inspiration came from countless hours of playing Halo. One night I was just kinda screwing around in my studio and got the itch to sculpt something...well, different.

Not a very big tank, but she is packin'! This is a picture taken in standard light.

This is a picture taken with the UV light on. Yep, she glows!

I also gave her an iridescent, sparkling paint job to further convey the alien nature of this tank.

Onto some more standard fare. You may be able to guess where I got my inspiration for these....Again, I'm not really sure why I built these, but enjoy them anyway!

Believe it or not, these are Gundam shields that I turned into land speeders! I made the rear spoilers out of plastic card stock. The cockpits are just blobs of epoxy.
The speeder on the left needs no introduction. I sculpted it myself, other than the driver and the cargo stowed behind the seats. The speeder on the right is a Micro Machine speed boat. I stuck a pair of big jets and a NOS tank on the back!
Luke's speeder isn't exact...but it is fine by my standards!

Now for something just a little different. I am currently working on a large commission of vehicles and battle armor suits for a good friend of mine. In return for my services, he shows up with a big collection of super rare and OOP Anigrand Star Wars models. I took up the offer the same way I would answer Vanessa Hudgens if she called me up and asked me out- there is no way I could say no! Anyway, he's a 15mm gamer and has a selection of 15mm goodies for me to paint up. I like to step outside of my 10mm scale once in a while, and it is that much easier when the minis are totally sweet! Here are the first few vees that I have finished. These vehicles are resin-cast and made by Antenocitis Workshop:

A pair of 15mm Dodge-Tata Zebu patrol cars and a 15mm T-Pea hunchback APC/MRAP.
My friend wanted his scout cars armed, so he also supplied me with a bunch of spare weapons. Naturally, I thought the miniguns were a good choice!

The one thing I felt was missing from the minigun was an ammo feed. I created my own ammo belts using little zip ties. I also drilled out some bolt holes for the "hubcaps".

Scout cars need radio antennae, right? Hair brush bristles fit the part perfectly.

The APC was already cool-looking, but I thought it should have a front bumper. So, of course, I added one.

See? This post was short and sweet! I have tons of projects lined up for the next few months which means there will be lots more to show eventually. Plus, I am going to try to make a tutorial video this year. Thank you all for dropping by and a special thanks if you actually subscribe! I am amazed that I have acquired 93 followers!


  1. That's what my hunchbacks need. Antennae.

  2. Hey Spiff! I just love the work on the Atenociti vehicles, fantastic! I have a couple of the Zebu cars to paint, and love the colours you have used- any chance of letting slip what they are please? Also, the UV on your own sculpt is really effective and nicely rounds off a great model. Congratulations!

    1. @Gunrunner: My pleasure! I used a camo color scheme based on Syrian armor from the 6 Day War. I just had to eyeball the colors and pick for myself what I thought to be the closest match. The colors I used are all from the Vallejo line-
      837 Pale Sand
      904 Dark Blue Grey
      893 US Dark Green

    2. Many thanks SS- you're a gentleman!

  3. Liking the UV effect on your sculpted tank, that along with the iridescent metallic finish is nice and sufficiently alien.

    Really liking the home made racing cars and speeders as well.

    1. I love using florescent paints on ALL of my minis. I use them primarily on headlights and lasers. When the UV light is on, my entire collection lights up with little dots and splotches of day-glo lights! Yep, I'm a geek!

  4. Mate your blog is awesome!!

    I love your imagination and the way you kit bash loads of minis, I love Sci Fi.

    Thanks and keep up the good work