Monday, September 1, 2014

Finally...A Simple Tutorial For Cool Canopies.

Well, I promised a video some time ago, but my attempt at a video was literally as boring as watching paint dry. So I went with the simple solution- a step-by-step tutorial on one of my newest projects.

Let me start by showing you an in-progress shot of my newest project: the Starship Troopers dropship in 10mm. I was using an old Micro Machine as my reference.

Now many hours later, here is how I do my canopies. STEP 1: Apply a very dark base color. A very dark shade of your desired color or a simple black will do. I have chosen black here.

STEP 2: I use a white craft paint to lay down some highlights on the cockpit canopy. This starts out with light brush strokes and the thinness of the paint actually helps this process. Then I build up a bit more white up in the corners.

STEP 3: After waiting for the white to completely dry, I decide to go with an aqua ink wash. I do NOT dilute my ink with any water. As you can see, the ink creates a nice, blended effect.

STEP 4: Adding the harsh reflections is a little tricky if you don't have a steady hand or haven't watched a lot of Japanese anime for inspiration. I switch to the Vallejo white because it is a thicker and more pure white color that is required for a really dramatic effect. You can just do some simple corner and edge lining and maybe put a couple of reflection dots in a corner or two, but I am not one for ho-hum! I like to make my canopy glass interesting.