Saturday, December 8, 2012

Aerospace Superiority

Some of you may be familiar with my postings on the Battletech forums and already know about the massive amount of air power in my collection. Well, since my blog is fairly new, I will just stick to my newest stuff rather than go back through all the old pictures.
    I have an enormous fetish for assimilating other sci fi genres into my Battletech collection- my Star Wars posts are certainly overwhelming evidence of that! Well, here are a few more fighters from other sources that I have assimilated.....resistance is futile!

If you don't recognize this starfighter, then you are not a true sci fi fan. This is the awesome Gunstar from "The Last Starfighter". A beautiful 1:144 scale resin kit from Fantastic Plastic.

The death blossom covers are fixed open. No way I would fix them closed!

I decided to customize mine a bit by adding some nose art.

Here is a shot just to show the size comparisons.

This is a starfighter from a really old anime series called "Crusher Joe".

I immediately determined there were not enough guns on the stock version, so I went about upgrading the three models I had.

I actually added the rectangular burner nozzles. The stock mini had nothing there but a plain old pair of holes!

Large pulse lasers under the wings and a large autocannon in the nose ought to do the trick!

Fighter #2 has a load out designed for close contact dog fighting.

I sculpted a housing for the gattling gun in the nose and added sets of medium lasers under the wings.

Fighter #3 is set up for low level ground attack. I went with an interesting camo pattern for this one.

I had to sculpt the rocket pods and the pylons for them, but I left the nose mounted weapons in the stock configuration.

Nose art and a few kills!

The business end!


  1. Wonderful paint, decals and mods. Some serious dogfighters you have there.

  2. You mentioned old posts to forums which gave me a faint memory of "how I did this" post or posts? Is there any change to see them again in here? (Yep, I am from perifery and there is a pirate within me arrr...)

    1. Well, me hardy, yes I do plan to post some play-by-play tutorials and possibly even a video. This will not come about until the new year, though. The season is getting awfully busy for me right now. Just keep your eyes peeled and be patient with me. I promise you will not be disappointed.

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