Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tank Mech Hotness And Lucas Arts Before Disney.

Some of my favorite miniatures come from the Front Mission collectible figures from Japan. They are a perfect fit for my N scale Battletech forces and they have an incredible amount of detail! While there are no official rules for tank mechs in Battletech, that doesn't mean I can't have 'em anyway!

This is a heavily modified tank mech.

I completely reversed the track assembly so the mech body is now in the front. Then I extended the mech body to accommodate the missile launchers. You might recognize the extra hull portion- it is the torso from a Macross armored valkyrie.

The extra launchers are Heavy Gear parts. The targeting array is made from spare bits.

A shot of the cheesecake! Hubba, hubba!

Another modified tank mech. All I really did to her was swap out the arms and add a backpack. The arms came off a MW:DA Daishi, although I added the ammo drums.

Here is a family picture. The mech in the middle is basically un-modified. Yep, those are Terminator HKs in the foreground. They are Micro Machines!

I was just too excited to not show these guys off. 5 TIE-D fighters!!! Yes, 5 of 'em!! These are the ultra-rare Anigrand miniatures. Why are they rare? Lucasarts slapped them with a Cease & Desist copyright infringement case. A few of their kits did make it into the public, though. These guys were included in the Sentinel landing shuttle kit- 1 in each kit. I managed to acquire 3 whole kits plus 2 extras from a friend of mine.
   In the expanded Star Wars universe, the TIE-D is a fighter drone piloted by a droid brain.

Vader and his squadron of TIE-Ds. Vader's TIE-X1 is from the F-Toys model series. Vader came with it, however, I added the lightsaber.

I am still waitng for a bundle of flight bases to arrive in the mail....

....But these were just too cool to keep a secret!


  1. Spiff, I was shocked to see you were still eligible for a Liebster Award. I'm fairly certain I'll never match your skill but I find your work very inspiring.

    Thanks for all the awesome blogging you've done!

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