Thursday, February 6, 2014

Finally! First Post Of The New Year.

    God, work sucks! Ever have one of those years when you love your job but the people in charge have about as much leadership skill as class full of kindergartners? Yeah, hopefully the new year will bring better leadership and less stress. I managed to relieve some of my stress by finishing up a few minis here and there. Let's get on with the show, eh.

Here is an AT-TE made by F-Toys. As you can see, it is no longer the standard movie version.

I took the turret off of a MW:DA vehicle and added a pair of missile launchers that I had left over from a Mecha Front Raptor.

The power armor suits are Heavy Gear Flail suits.

You can see from this angle a better shot of the small cockpit guard I added.

Here are both of my AT-TEs ready for battle!

This is a Heavy Gear hover tank that I slightly modified.

I added a set of ball turrets to the side of the hull by using some simple beads and brass tubing.

Then I sculpted some extra missile launchers for the top of the hull. I also added a coaxial gun by using stock plastic tubing and drilling a small hole to install it.

I added a tank commander with a copula gun as well as a bit of stowage.

And finally, I added a large missile launcher to the side of the turret. The launcher is a spare part from an Armored Core mech. I also had to sculpt a small attachment hard point for the launcher to sit on.

Here is a beauty I acquired from a friend over on the Lords Of The Battlefield forum- an old and rare 1/144 scale Yellow Submarine kit of the Macross Spartan, or as I know it, the Archer. I did some extensive modifications to the legs to achieve a much more dynamic pose. There are some other mods that a few of you might be able to pick out.

Here is a close up of the nose art. You can also see how I beefed up the shoulders using some spare Lego parts.

I carefully cut the leg apart at the knee joint using a jeweler's saw. Then I routed out some space with my trusty Dremel to install the new knee joints that I sculpted.

The hip joints have been enhanced with simple beads to create a ball-and-socket joint. I filled in the ankles with a two-part epoxy so the feet had a bit more of an attachment point as well as helping enable the dynamic pose I had in mind.

My model arrived missing the sensor housing on the chin. Rather than fall into depression, I crafted a new and improved chin assembly using Lego bits and spare guns.

Here she is next to an OrkoOne Archer II.

Here is my third Raptor from John Paulson's Mecha Front line. I have done a bit of modifying to her....I know that comes as a shock!

I added some random sensor bit to the top of the hull as well as the two round panels on her nose.

I beefed up the gun barrels using Lego bits and plastic tubing. I also added a pilot hatch to the top and routed out some view ports on both sides of the cockpit.

I added a big exhaust port on the back. the exhaust port is a detail part made by Kotobukiya.

I re-posed the right leg by removing the toes and cutting it at the knee. I then installed tiny beads for the toes to be reattached to and sculpted a new knee joint.

The Raptor family so far. There is still one more to go.

This is an architectural tile made by Tom Spina Designs. It is part of his Death Star tile collection. It is meant for custom interior decorating, but I turned it into a cool building! The top portion of the building is the actual tile. I added the lower portion using blue board.

I used a whole lot of Lego bits and other random parts to customize the building.

 Well, let's see what else I've got here to show.....


  1. Damn that archer made me envy....

    Awesome stuff as always!

    btw. how big that 1/144 macross "Archer" is in metrics (or inches)? Could it fit in 15mm/ 1:100 scale also?

  2. Actually, I believe they make model kits in 1/100 scale...I used to have a 1/100 scale Macross Tomahawk. I don't think they are very common, though. My Archer stands 8.5cm tall, or 9cm if I measure the added height of the open missile bay doors. In inches, that is about 3.25" It would probably fit quite nicely in a 15mm setting. Glad you like 'em!