Thursday, February 6, 2014

The New Year Wouldn't Be The Same Without Some AIRPOWER!!!

The first post of the new year goes to the ground pounders, but I might as well follow up with some more airpower. I do not get tired of things that fly and blow shit up!

I found these by a lucky accident when I was surfing E-Bay. Real 1/144 scale E-Wings! I have no idea who produced them, hell, I didn't even know they existed! Now, here on E-Bay was an auction for two!

Here are the two, freshly repainted and ever-so-slightly modified. I removed the silly laser cannon that overhung the cockpit.

Quite some time ago, I sculpted my own E-Wing from scratch. Here is an idea of just how close I got with my version. Pretty darn close, if I say so myself.

Here is a shot of my other modification: a pair of gun pods under the fuselage made out of brass and plastic tubing.

My own special technique for afterburn... florescent paint!

The requirement of any E-Wing ace....nose art and kill marks!

This is another F-Toys Y Wing. I decided to keep her close to the movie colors with maybe a few little embellishments.

Nose art is always a plus!

Now here's the big surprise. I installed a pair of MW:DA launchers under the engine spars.

A flight of X-Wings screaming past a turbolaser tower!

I wanted to keep my two new additions close to movie colors, so what I did was used a black wood stain on the model rather than repaint the whole thing. The stain is a bit tricky to work with and I wiped off a lot of excess with a sponge and my finger.

I enhanced the battle damage on this X-Wing with a bit of paint. I also painted over the clear cockpit in favor of my more colorful version.

Red five. I had to paint a little red eye on R2-D2. I also enhanced the color of the engines with some regular painting.

What would a picture of an X-Wing be without a classic dogfight shot.

Here is a 1/144 scale Narn fighter from Babylon 5. This little beauty was made by Fantastic Plastic. They are OOP now.

I did the camo pattern by using a piece of foam rubber that I carved into a kind of rubber stamp. I merely stamped the pattern onto the mini.

I thought this craft looked like it should have VTOL engines, so I added some! I decided it needed an extra cannon on the belly, too.

Yet another Valkyrie, and, yes, modified.

A better shot of the modifications. A pair of MW:DA missile launchers, a pair of Lego guns, and the main cannon that came with the model.

I added the little radar dome.

Both Valks flying formation with an X-Wing.

Here's a bit of fun....Converting a MIG-25 into something a bit more sci-fi.

Lots of guns added: the wing tips and the fuselage are now hard points. I liked the missiles that came with her, so I kept them. No unfriendly dropships in my skies!

Here you can see the MPG rating going down the toilet.

Same scale.

Here is another Babylon 5 ship: the Pirate Fighter. Once again made by Fantastic Plastic and also OOP.

I did a bit of modifying. There is now a trio of cannons on both wings.

I also added the radar dome and a pair of fuel hatches near the rear of the fighter.

How about more firepower? You bet! I added a pair of Paulson Games laser cannons and then sculpted my own rocket launchers.

Anybody guess the reference by the nose art? I'll give you a hint: Hot 80's rock goddess.

Little friends!

I painted these a while ago, but ended up hating the paint jobs. I finally got around to fixing them. Here are my two newly refinished Jedi ETA-2 interceptors

I have three of the F-Toys B-Wings. It couldn't hurt to modify one just a tiny bit, right? How about a heavy B-Wing?

I added some cannons to the center where the wings connect. I can't explain why I like the B-Wing positioned in such an asymmetrical flight pose, but I do.

If I'm going to add more firepower, I better beef up the engines. I used some Lego bits and Kotobukiya parts to give her some extra horsepower...or should I say bantha power?

I added what could be classified as light turbolasers by using a dual laser cannon part from Paulson Games.

I finally got my hands on a couple of the F-Toys TIE Interceptors.

Yes, I know the twin ion engines are supposed to be just pinpoints to either side of where I painted the engine, but I like mine better.

Now, how's that for an update? It shouldn't be too much longer before I finish my second batch of projects and unleash them here on my blog. Until then, I wish you all a happy new year and thanks a whole lot for following my blog!


  1. Wow. That's some serious air superiority!

    I like my B-Wings offset like yours as well.

  2. I love B-Wings, they are my favorite star wars ship. You mention fluorescents, what brand are you using?

    1. I use Vallejo Game Colors and Liquitex acrylics. I don't think they make the Liquitex colors anymore, though. I also have a few of the really cheap craft paint brands. They work OK, but they are kind of thin...which actually works well when I want a more translucent effect.

  3. Lita Ford of course \m/
    Awesome minis.

  4. Hi Spaceman, what decals do you use for the nose art on you mechs and aircraft? Stunning as always.

  5. Here is a link to the cool cheesecake graphics:

    I use the small, medium, and large ones.

  6. Hi! Utterly great stuff as usual! I've nominated you for a liebster award too!

  7. Long time no see Spaceman Spiff. Kris_Din here, from the Dream Pod 9 forums. Been trying to find you. Been using some pictures from folks around the Internet for my fan art concerning Heavy Gear, and yours are definitely high on my list of to-dos. So if you're interested, feel free to hit me up, here, or on Facebook, or back on the DP9 Forums, wherever. God bless!

    1. Hello! I certain;y could be interested. What did you have in mind? Shall I connect with you on Facebook instead? What would be more convenient for you?