Friday, August 8, 2014

And Now For Some Battlemechs!

You wouldn't be looking at my blog if you didn't love big, stompy mechs! I wouldn't be sharing my creations with you if I didn't share that same love! Soooooo....Bring on the battlemechs!

The Battletech Stalker like you've never seen it you have seen it before. All I can remember about this kit is that it took forever to actually receive it after I paid for it. Next to her is a MW:DA Uller.

I altered the legs so the mech now has a bird stance instead of human-like. I had to sculpt some knee joints to make the new stance possible. The Uller has new hands, a shaved cockpit, and an new, improved center laser.

A better view of my new knee joints.

The round hatch on the side of the launcher was a small cosmetic detail that i decided to add.

I also added gun barrels to the side lasers.

I also added the searchlight and the pilot hatch. I also drilled out the launch tubes.

Here is my version of the classic Urbanmech. I sculpted this one myself.

Next to a MW:DA Uziel. Not too bad, scale-wise, if I say so myself.

Some of my details a re a little rough, but I am pleased with the way the little guy turned out.

Here is a Battletech Black Lanner. This is a resin garage kit made by a friend of mine. I altered mine in a few minor ways. I etched a few new armor panel lines into mine, for starters.

The sensor node in the nose, the pilot hatch, and the intake screens are also my additions.

I drilled some ports on the side of the nose and drilled holes in the arm lasers to create a cooling jacket.

I added all the exhaust vents and the engine hatch in the middle.

I paired her up with a heavily modified MW:DA Madcat.

The Madcat has new, improved arms and arm cannons. The elbow joints are simple beads joined to a Lego bicep. The cannons are bits by Paulson Games. The left torso cannon is a combination of what I think was a Star Wars gun and some new barrel parts.

This is a heavily modified Mech from the old Front Mission video game.

I added the entire flight/jump system by using some spare Gundam parts.

I also added the missile packs and the arm cannons. The arm cannons are also add-ons from Paulson Games. Wonderful stuff, by the way!

Here is a view the the small maneuvering flaps stowed away. Those intake nozzles are also spare parts that I added.

This beauty is also a resin garage kit. The guy who sculpted this goes by the tag name of Elfbait. I know this is the awesome MWO version of the Atlas, but I'm not sure if a 3-D render was made on a printer or if he hand-sculpted this. Either way, this is a fantastic mini!
I made a few cosmetic changes again. I sculpted some new shoulder joints to give my Atlas broader shoulders. I drilled out the arm lasers to hold some scrap-booking jewels.

I had a little fun with painting source lighting in the eyes and "cheeks".

Here is the MWO Atlas next to a new version Madcat (modified, of course).

This cat has new missile tubes and targeting lasers that I sculpted.

The small intake vent just behind the cockpit was also sculpted by me. The chin gun and arm cannons are Paulson Games add-ons.

Anybody familiar with the original mini will know what I did here. I shaved the rear missile ports completely off and added some simple cosmetic details...tank wheels from the bits box.

I've also heard a lot of people wonder just how big a Heavy Gear mech is compared to Battletech mecha...So here ya go!

I suppose that will be enough for this post, but I still have a few more to come......


  1. are you sure that is a Couldron born? looks more like a Black Lanner to me.

    1. You are right. The Cauldy is shorter. I have two of those myself. Making corrections....

  2. Atlas is hand sculpted. ;) Wonderful paint schemes

  3. Hi Spaceman Spiff! WOW!!! Wonderful work on the Lanner and Atlas! (I'm sure the other mechs are as beautiful, but these two are my babies...)

    1. I am glad you, of all people, like them! It is a huge compliment when the sculptor likes what I did with his babies!

  4. Not an uller it is a koshi, also not an uziel it is an Owens. Otherwise beautiful models as always Spiff