Friday, August 8, 2014

Not Only A New Post, But A Brand New Sculpt.

Sorry about the long absence again! I have a good excuse this time: my Canon G9 Powershot broke down back in April and I finally got it back a couple weeks ago, better than new! To celebrate my "new" camera, I have lots of stuff to share with all of you. I will begin my update with my very own sculpture. This heavy gunship was loosely modeled after an old Silent Death miniature that I dug out of my collection. I decided that mini needed to be re-done in my proper 10mm scale. Here are my results....

Guns, missiles, and ECM capabilities, oh my!

Did some experimenting with a gold ink on the cockpit.

Of course, did the usual florescent painted thrusters.

And the belly view. The gatling cannon is made by Paulson games. The four autocannons are Lego parts made by Brickmania. The landing gear and VTOL thrusters are also Lego bits. The missile pods came off of a MW:DA mech called a Targe.

Of course, I did not sculpt everything on this baby. There are also various plastic parts that I cut to fit my design.

Coming in HOT!

Here she is next to the original miniature that I used for my inspiration. I also threw in a few 1/144 scale ground crew to give you a better idea of how big she is.

Not only did I get a sculpt done, but lots and lots of other miniatures as well. Just so this post isn't too short, I will show off yet another one of my Star Wars treasures- the first of three Anigrand Sentinel assault shuttles that I have finished.

She's not in any "official" colors, but she still paints up quite nicely.

I decided to finally go with a blue florescent thruster color. I am pleased with how this one turned out. You can also see where I added a pair of plastic strips to keep the wings from elevating too far in landing mode.

I added tiny scrap-booking jewels to the heavy laser cannons.

Underside view. I glued the landing gear bays shut because I had something a lot better in mind which you will see below...

I wanted to make a cool flight base to go with a cool model. I don't do a lot of snow effects, but this was fun! If you look closely, you can see footprints in the snow. The snow itself is Arm & Hammer baking soda.

Here she is with my new landing gear attached.

I made a landing gear cradle so I can switch her back and forth. The landing gear that came with the shuttle looked too frail to support the craft, not to mention there were only two legs to land on. I decided to make the landing gear a bit more robust as well as balanced. I measured out a piece of illustration board and installed the landing gear, which is made from Legos and plastic tubing.

In all, the Anigrand model is not for the inexperienced or impatient. The wings required a little straightening. I had to do a bit of sanding, routing, and filling to get some of the parts to fit correctly, and even then, she isn't 100% perfect. I hope with the experience I got from this one, my other two should go together a lot smoother. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the show!


  1. Hurray for a new post!

    And that gunship is loaded for bear(s)!

  2. Beautiful... love the flyer you sculpted.

    Two questions:

    1) What is your procedure for the snow?

    2) Any tips or step-by-steps for the cockpit glass? Yours is always my favorite!

    1. I started the snow cover with a layer of wood putty. When that was dry, I painted it white and then I spread some scenic glue over the painted areas and sprinkled on Arm & Hammer baking soda. I used the tip of one of my sculpting tools to create footprints in the snow while the glue was still drying.

      The cockpit glass is a shocking simple technique which I intend to make a video tutorial of at some point. After I have painted the entire mini, I then paint a very dark base color- any color from black to almost black- and I highlight it with white dry brushing. Then I use a colored ink wash on the cockpit which gives it that rich, blended effect. For example, my gunship canopy started out black. While I highlighted the rest of the mini with white, I spent a little extra time and paint on the canopy so that I had a nearly white area that gradually and carefully transitioned into the black. When that dried, I added a wash of Vallejo yellow ink. The transparency of the ink gave it a nice blended effect with the paint underneath. Now here is where I got weird on this one. Modern fighter jets have a golden hue to them and I wanted to try to duplicate this effect. I applied a wash of Secret Weapon golden brown which is not really "brown" but a metallic gold. Yes, an ink wash with metallic sparkle! When that dried, I painted on the stark white reflection effects. I don't have any real plan when I do this. It just seems to work out. I think I may get some inspiration by watching anime. Look at how the artists do reflections on anime vehicles...very dramatic!

    2. Oh, I almost forgot.....After I have sealed the entire mini in a matte finish, I go back and apply one or two gloss coats over the glass areas.