Monday, March 26, 2012

CMG War Walkers...With A Twist!

I got a set of these war walkers from Critical Mass Games ( )a while back. Then I became bogged down with a wave of commission projects that put these guys on the back burner for a while. Well, I finally got them finished and put in front of the camera! I must say these are fantastic minis: awesome details and casting quality. They were a joy to work with! They are made for 15mm, but I am using them for 10mm- they make nice heavy mechs around the 60-70ton range. Of course, I had to alter the basic minis just a little bit....

This is the basic war walker that I started with. The pic is from the CMG website.

This is my assault version.

I added numerous heavy weapons- the arms, shoulders, and nose cannon are all bits from my spare parts box. I also added some little details like the "nostrils".

I also added an extra set of heat sinks to the left and right torso just beneath the overhang.

Heck, even the gun barrels are modifications of my modifications. I extended the arm guns using metal tubing bits and extended the nose cannon with a bit of plastic tubing and the muzzle brake from a 1:72 German STUG.

This is my anti-air variant. Those miniguns came with the mini. I added the radar dish, the nose cannon, and the missile pods.

The missile pods are made from the forearms of an old Front Mission mech with the missiles sculpted by me and exhaust vents on the rear.

The base is custom made by me out of Super Sculpey. The stones are cut from blue insulation styrofoam.

Here is my recon version. Note the target acquisition scope and the up-link array on the rear hull.

Now for the cool part.....

The arms deploy!

In case you are wondering...the arms came from a Gundam model.

Great for manipulating small objects like crunchies!

Arms have been stowed. The crunchies are safe.

Alright folks, hope you enjoy this little presentation as much as I enjoyed giving life to these minis!


  1. very cool conversion work. I especially like the Recon varient. Those arms are great. Thanks for including the Gear model for scale. Hadn;t realised those Walkers were QUITE that big.

  2. Very cool, love the conversions.

  3. Beautiful conversions, sir.


  4. i must admit that i was expecting something bigger, but i was still pleased with their size once i got them. glad you guys like 'em!

  5. Great conversions and amazing paint! :)