Monday, March 12, 2012

Half Track...All Business.

This is the anti-mech half track. This began life as a MW JES missile carrier. I tore of the missile racks and sculpted a flat bed where the gun would be housed. The gun itself is readily recognizable- a German 88 from the Flames Of War collection. I added the gun crew from miscellaneous MW infantry pieces and added a more sophisticated targeting array to the front of the gun shield. I replaced the front wheels with the wheels from the 88's gun carriage because they looked a bit more rugged. I sculpted the side stabilizer housings and then used a pair of braces from the 88. Finally, I added some stowage and a front winch that I picked out of my spare parts bin.

Here is an action shot of a troop transport and an artillery half track setting up shop along the shore of a shallow stream.

Once again, a JES missile carrier gave its life to become one of my most devious war machines: a mine layer! I sculpted the entire cargo body and just stuck it on the back of the now-bare chassis. Of course I then had to make a minefield for my busy little layer. If you look closely, you can see a few of the anti-mech mines in the freshly sowed field.

You can see part of another of my older half tracks guarding the busy little layer.

This track used to be a MW recovery vehicle. Once I removed the repair arms, I thought the empty bed looked like benches. Naturally, I inserted some seated infantry then added a small support cannon.

Same chassis as above, different purpose. This one is part of the artillery section. I sculpted a small housing to attach the actuators to. The actuators are ankle joints from a Gundam model, I think. The missile pod came from a 1:100 scale Macross tomahawk ( a warhammer to us Battletechies ). I sculpted a small body for the targeting array and sculpted some small cargo boxes for the stowage racks. Finally, I added an MG42 ( another FOW piece ) and a hatch to the top of the crew cabin.

Here is a family shot. Anybody notice the super-secret easter egg in the picture?

Here are some of my ECM/ recon elements. The little hover tank began life as a Star Wars battle droid backpack. The wheeled truck was an APC until i added the electronic gear to the hull. The massive half track is basically a MW mobile HQ. I upgraded the satellite dish, added the comm pod to the side, and the ECM dome to the rear of the hull.


  1. Fantastic Painting. They look incredible.

  2. Lovely conversions and paint jobs.

    How do you convert the soft plastic MW vehicles? Do you just use super glue?

    And the easter egg is just "spiffy" ;). Shouldn't it be crashed though? Seems like the normal state of things.

  3. Gotta pick your brain. How do you get your jewling on your cockpits so spiffy?

  4. @ lasgunpacker: yes sir. not the average Wal Mart stuff, though it works about the same. i use Zap CA in the green bottle or Hobby Lobby Extreme Power thick formula. it is a thicker formula that doesn't run and acts as a bit of a gap filler as well. they come in nicely sized bottles rather than the tubes. i will also use a dab of Insta-Set accelerator every now and then.

    it is a pre-crash Spiff saucer!

    @ Fred: i use a technique similar to dry brushing, only it is not dry. the colors blend better if they are not allowed to dry entirely between coats. to blend the colors, i carefully apply less and less pressure to my brush stroke in a kind of circular motion. there are 3 layers of color. for example, if i want a blue tinted cockpit, i will start with a deep, dark blue, then build up a medium blue, and finally on top of that, a light blue. once those are dry, i dab on the reflections with plain white. then as a final touch after i have sealed the entire mini with a matte sealant, i go back and apply a super glossy enamel clear coat to really give it a glassy effect.

  5. I once traded a MW Mobile HQ. I was told it was the only one he ever saw with the radar dish still on. Such a fragile little dish, I see the need for your better looking, and more robust, dish on that Mobile HQ.

    Love seeing all the different models that you cobble together to make new stuff.

  6. These are brilliant SS, I now feel like making some half tracks, I'm finding all sorts of inspiration on your Blog, its becoming my favorite.