Monday, March 26, 2012

The River Is MINE!

Here is a little something i whipped up years ago that I just recently refurbished. I was a huge fan of a little computer game called Total Annihilation. I was inspired by the naval vessels in that game and just had to try to make a table-top version. I began picking out parts from my bits box and then went about fabricating a hull to accommodate the parts. The hull itself is made out of blue insulation styrofoam. I then glued all my bits in what i felt were appropriate places. All the turrets are traversable! The base is created with wood putty. After slapping on the filler putty like a layer of delicious peanut butter, I just pushed the ship into it to make the wake, adding a bit more putty to the rear.Then I added a coating of water effect gel to really make the water look wet. Some of you experienced modelers and mini gamers might recognize a few of the parts I used- there is quite a Frankenstein assortment on her!

This is the original gunboat. Like George Lucas, I felt I could improve it...

.....Unlike George Lucas, I DID improve it!

Some new paint, some little cosmetic changes, and a wet & wild water base!

How about some hull art?

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On escort duty making sure the party-goers reach the beach!


  1. Very nice conversion work. I agree. Yours is much better.

  2. I love the model and the re-paint, the base, not so much. Im not a fan of based vehicles, so I might be biased against it.

  3. Not a bad effort, I think the armaments are to big for the Panzer 4 turret though, it gives it the Games workshop look. Now I feel bad, comparing you to Games workshop.

  4. The water effect on the base looks amazing. Great work!

  5. Dan...that was hurtful.
    as long ago as i built this boat, i may have still been suffering the subconscious effects of being a former WH40K player....ahhhh....that feels good to finally admit it! now i can get on with the healing.

    PapaSpanky, i normally don't base my vehicles either, but this one just screamed for something extra. it was just not enough for me to use my imagination when i placed her on that blue felt. i wanted the look of a menacing gunboat cutting through the water at attack speed, ready to engage any swimmers who ignore the safety buoys and swim past them.

  6. I've noticed you have a large selection of vehicles and 'Mechs that are only shown in the background and difficult to see. Would you be able to take individual pictures of each one in sort of a catalogue? There's probably a lot of great designs in your collection none of us know about. You're ideas are incredible!

  7. About how wide is the cargo deck on that LCAC? Is that the 1/144 trumpeter one?

    1. Yes, that is the 1/144 Trumpeter model. The cargo area is 6.5 inches (16.5cm) long and 2.25 inches (5.5cm) wide. The model is a fantastic piece with lots of tiny detail bits. I would caution a novice modeler about taking this one on just because of the sheer amount of details that are on it.