Thursday, November 8, 2012

Finally.....Some New Stuff To Show!

Holy crap, it has been a while since I've had any decent amount of free time, but I am back! I won't take up too much time talking here, since you are all anxious to see what I have been up to now. On with the show...Remeber to click the pics for a bigger view.

This is a new 15mm hover tank sculpted after the old FASA Centurion-style grav tanks. I'm not sure if these are in full production yet. I was given this one to help generate some excitement!

I have added a few details to my tank that do not come on the original. The missile launcher is the most obvious. The targeting lens below it is another one of my added details.

The muzzle brakes on both cannons are also my added touch. The smaller targeting lens in front of the commander's hatch is also added.

The thruster nozzles and the round panels were added by me.

Notice the hex nut where the main gun meets the hull? How about the small headlights? Or the sensor dome just behind the hull hatches? Yep, I added those.

I also added the small vents on top of the hull just in front of the circular panels.

Owen, if you are reading this, perhaps you could add a comment on where someone could purchase one of these when they are available? Despite my addition of several small details, the kit was very well cast and looks fantastic even without my modifications.
   Some may ask what is that thing that looks like a land speeder? I turned an old Micromachine speed boat into a Star Wars-style land speeder....something to make Luke green with envy.


  1. Very cool looking tank, looks like just the thing for knocking out 'mechs with that hull mount cannon. An assault gun version without the turret would be pretty interesting too.

    And nice to have you back with a vengance (three posts in a single day?)

  2. They are available now. Less than 20 kits left. Before I have them done for a second run I want to sell the APCs that come out in a few weeks and look into the possibility of having the barrels done in metal.
    One could email LordNth [at] comcast [dot] net for more info.

    Next model I send you I'll include some stowage for a more live in feel Spiff.

    Those thrusters on the back are a great idea for someone that made mistakes in cleaning off where the resin was cast at. Did you sculpt those or where did they come from?

  3. The thrusters Are Kotobukiya detailing parts.
    I figured 3 posts would be better than one, huge post.

  4. I was certainly not complaining about three posts! Glad to see you are back at it.