Thursday, November 8, 2012

In Honor Of My Favorite Video Games.

Another project I fiddled with for some time was a small "defensive" site for launching small, defensive nukes at global or orbital targets. I started with some random bits and chunks of blue board. I crafted my building and then became stuck on what I wanted the launch bay to look like. The project got set aside while I waited for some inspiration....Then at work one day, I found a home-made pen holder and suddenly my solution had presented itself! My single launch site was going to become a multiple launch site!

The launch facility manufactured by the Hyperion Corporation. Here is my first honor to the game Borderlands 1 & 2. The second honor goes to the Halo series in the form of the Warthog vehicle.

A close up of the launch bay in DEFCON 5 position. The panels are made out of cardboard and the other mechanical details are random plastic bits. The warning lights are glass jewels. Unfortunately, I did not have the necessary equipment at this time to light them up. The launch door tracks are made out of zip ties. The alien trees are actually black walnuts that I picked up while disc golfing. I just added some plastic leaves.

Here is the launch bay at DEFCON 1. Now you can see the pen holder and the warheads that I sculpted.

A shot of the AAA turret defending the base.

The turret guns are made from some Armored Core extras. I extended the gun barrels with some stock plastic tubing.

I had to sculpt the turret body to custom-fit the cannons. The automated targeting eye is made out of Kotobukiya customizing parts. The radar assembly is actually the claw off some mech with one of the pincers removed.

The base is a panel from an old Millenium Falcon model.

Just another day at the farm....

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