Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Cherry Blossom Tank.

My friend, Owen, is starting a 15mm army. He wants his army to have a Japanese-inspired color scheme. He sent me a package full of miniature goodies. In the box was a note saying I can keep everything in the box on one condition: I must paint the tank for him...The note was written on a printout of some pictures of a color scheme he had in mind. With the pictures close by on my desk, I accepted the challenge! What you see here are the results of that challenge: paint a cherry blossom tree on the tank!
    The tank is made by Khurasan Miniatures. It is a 15mm red faction tank with the red eagle turret option. I'm gonna have to get a couple of these for myself now. I added a few extra details: the muzzle brake, the crew shovel on the hull, and the screen covers on the turret.

I threw in a few of my own 10mm minis to give you a sense of scale. This tank would make an excellent Battletech super-heavy...with a few more guns!



  1. Very nice, good free hand, and I don't mind the concept, with electronic warfare advances, cammo will be a mute piont in the future.

  2. Spiff, is this technique "painting white dots and put random pink ones on top" (I know this sounds stupid but I guess you get what I am trying to say)? I wondered how you did it as I want to try it with my Kurita forces.

  3. actually, Chris, it is the other way around. i started with blobs of magenta, followed by blobs of pink, and finally blotches of white. it is really quite a simple technique. you just have to be careful of the amount of paint on the brush.

  4. You have good taste in tank sculptors ;)

    Can't wait to see what you do with the Critical Mass Walkers.

    Welcome to 15mm/1-100th scale, sir.


  5. thanks again, John! the walkers are coming're going to like what i've done, i think.

  6. Nice work as ever. Like the cherry blossom detail.