Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Old and Busted VS. the New Hotness!

I guess I forgot to mention that my work is almost exclusively in N scale. What is N scale? N scale is a model train scale that is officially listed as 1:160 ( 1 inch = 160 inches). However, I have found that any model between the scales of 1:200 up to 1:144 scale will pretty much fit right in. For all the hard core gamers, this translates to 10mm scale- this is the height of an average person at this scale.
   This is one of my upgrade minis that I sculpted myself. the original mech is called the hellstar- made by the now defunct Wiz Kids for their Mech Warrior clicky base game. This mech was supposed to be a 95 ton assault mech, but it was sadly under-scaled. I decided to correct this little problem by sculpting my own. my sculpting medium is a synthetic polymer clay called Super Sculpey Firm. It is a neutral grey color and is cured in the same toaster oven that I make Pizza Rolls in....not at the same time, mind you. I used another mini that i deemed to be the standard for which I will set my scale at- an Elfbait Atlas. The atlas mini is, in my opinion, the perfectly scaled 100 ton assault mech. Then I decided that not only will I correct the scale, but I will improve a few cosmetic details while I'm at it. Here are my results....

This is a pic of the old hell star, the new, improved hell star, and the atlas.

Here are some detail shots of my sculpt.

And another shot of the new versus the old....


  1. Great sculpts, simply superb.

  2. One of my very favourite 'Mechs given the appropriate love. A glorious thing you have done.

    Did you make casts of this gorgeous construction? Are they available for sale?

    1. No, no castings. I'm still not 100% happy with the quality of my sculpting. I still have a lot of trouble getting nice, straight edges and perfect shapes. I do appreciate that a lot of you out there are encouraging and supportive, but in the end, if I'm not happy with it, it is hard for me to see how others would be. I am still practicing, though.

    2. I completely understand. Nonetheless, absolutely sublime work and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing.