Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I See Dead Mechs....

I just know you whispered the title of this post to yourself. As the title suggests, here are some casualties of war. In case you asked yourself who would win in a fight: a 100 ton assault mech or Darth Vader...wonder no more!
     A point of interest: the hoses trailing from the mech head in the last few pics are guitar strings. You may also be wondering how the hell did I make the burning hulks? That happens to be spray foam that I had to build up around nails that I drilled into the models prior to painting. The foam is a serious pain in the ass to work with. I had to build up a little at a time, wait 24+ hours for it to dry, build up a little more, wait again, repeat if necessary. Occasionally, I would use my Exacto knife to help shape it a bit while it was still wet. When this shit finally dried, I came to realize that i would also have to add a protective layer of watered-down scenic glue. Otherwise, the acrylic paint would often tear holes in the foam because of my painting technique. I would apply my layers of color before they would dry so as to blend the colors nicely together. Unfortunately I discovered that the drying paint was sticky enough that it would stick to my brush as i applied the next layers of color. This would create a big, white hole in my freshly painted foam! By trial and error I perfected my technique...but it is still a pain in the ass.
    I have also since repainted the ejecting pilot mech. I used florescent yellow paint to try to get the flames to really glow. Well, the yellow kinda took on a greenish hue which is faintly detectable in these pics. Trust me, it was worse in person. So I sat down and redid the flames, this time not going with the flashy neon yellow paint. I think the newly repainted work is in the background of some of my other pics. You'll just have to watch for it.

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  1. Wow some cool Mechs here, love that ejection seat model.