Monday, February 13, 2012

Still More Star Wars Meets Battletech....

I LOVE STAR WARS!!! You know this by now. I am a fanboy and I am unashamed. Here are a few more Star Wars minis for your viewing pleasure:

I think this was a Star Wars Action Fleet toy. It looked like it was properly scaled, so I bought it. Um...Yeah, it no longer carries droids.

This was also an Action Fleet toy. And, yeah, it no longer carries droids...or jawas for that matter. The crawler's name is Shamblin' Bob. 

I believe this was made by Ertl Models. It did not have any scale listed, but I think it is pretty darn close. the wings are fully articulate, as well. I added some missile pods to the front hull.
This is the business end, you rebel scum!
This version of the AT-ST was commissioned by the Empire shortly after the battle of Endor. It is equipped with all sorts of anti-cute 'n' fuzzy weapons.

Another modified AT-ST. I gave this one A larger chin cannon. His un-modified platoon mate is behind him. Actually, I shouldn't say "un-modified". I added the guard rails on top of the hulls.  

This one is loaded with napalm rockets. Again, another precaution against all things cute and fuzzy.

With the exception of the first three, all of these are official 1:144 scale minis made by F-Toys of Japan. I just added my own special touch....


  1. Nice mashup! They look good together. I also see in the last pic you've added a pinch of Aliens also...

  2. Absolutely stunning painting and scenery. I'm glad john Bear Ross pointed me your way. Awe-inspiring. Really.

  3. My god spiff you never cease to amaze me!

  4. Great stuff as usual. ERTL/AMT shuttle is considered to be 1:89 scale. The Revell one may be closer to your needs being about 1:121 scale. But still, it really doesn't matter - it looks great on Your set.