Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Real Men Paint It Pink....

This is a commission for a charity auction winner that I just recently finished. He has a custom mech company called the Barbie Brigade. Their unit colors are...well...a bit unusual for a war machine, but who am I to turn down such a challenge? He gave me the general color scheme- pink with white trim- and I went from there. This mini is a classic 1:300 scale marauder II approx 2in. or 4.5cm tall. He also supplied me with a pin up girl decal and the unit decal. I altered a few details that I didn't like about the original mini. I enlarged the PPC barrels on the arm pods to look like proper heavy weapons. Then I enhanced the hull cannon by replacing the barrel with something more suitable. I also beefed up the turret attachment for the hull cannon. Then finally I replaced the old exhaust vents with my new, improved versions. The old ones looked like flower petals.

New barrels on all the big guns! Scandalous art work on the nose, ohh-la-la!

New vents!

Those are tiny, blue, reflective jewels in the gun barrels on the arm pods.


  1. That is a pretty great paint job, in particular when you consider the size of the figure.

    The pink does seem wrong for a military vehicle though.

  2. How can I make vents like that?

  3. The pink is awesome! How bad would it be to be losing to the Barbie Brigade...?

  4. to be honest I like the pink, and would have no trouble fielding a unit of these, especially with the awesome paint job, great free hand.

  5. Never thought I was going to say this one day: Pink CAN look sexy :-p

  6. those vents are made by a company called Kotobukiya out of Japan. they make a whole bunch of customizing and detailing parts for any and all types of models and minis. the vents are two different pieces: the vent covers were inserted into the same round parts that i made the PPC gun barrels out of. i think it may be easier if i just post you a link to where i found these....then you can see the fantastic selection of detailing parts they make. i honestly don't know how i managed without them now!

    the specific parts i used: ROUND MOLD 4 and ROUND NOZZLE SMALL. the round mold vents fit perfectly into the round nozzles.